Quotes from prominent Republicans

“Joe Arpaio has always been in the spotlight, but it’s clear at this point that the spotlight is more important to him than running an effective law enforcement agency. In the process of turning the sheriff's office into a spectacle, he's wasted more than $200 million in taxpayer dollars on lawsuits and legal fees. Now the act has worn thin, and has become dangerous for Maricopa County.” — Rich Dozer, community and business leader

“I’m supporting Paul Penzone in this election for sheriff because I believe he’ll stop the lawsuits, the mistakes and the oversights that Arpaio is currently bringing to our county. We need someone who is solely focused on keeping us safe, and Joe Arpaio’s focus seems to be on getting more and more press instead of making more and more arrests.” — Stuart Snedecor, Phoenix, Lifelong Republican

GOP Support

Dear Friend:

I am humbled by the support I’ve received in this campaign from people from across the political spectrum, including Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

I’ve long been a registered Independent, and I’ve run for this office as a Democrat. But to me, law enforcement isn’t a partisan issue. It’s about results. And that’s why so many people who are lifelong registered Republicans have shown their support.

I am running for sheriff because we need someone who will focus on keeping the people of Maricopa County safe, not someone who is focused on the 5 o’clock news. Joe Arpaio should have been focused on cleaning up the mess that his office is dealing with and keeping people safe, not on the next photo opportunity that comes up.

The current problems Arpaio’s office is facing are staggering. Hundreds of cases of child sex abuse not investigated. A backlog of more than 30,000 unserved warrants. Accusations that people are being arrested simply because of the color of their skin. And the loss of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars due to waste, mismanagement and frivolous lawsuits.

These are the reasons why tens of thousands of Maricopa County residents — from across the political spectrum — are saying “Enough is Enough.”

As sheriff, I will work to make Maricopa County the safest county in America. I will make sure we protect our children and families.

I will end the sideshow spectacles and return the focus to law enforcement, where it belongs. I will demand accountability from all in the department to make sure we are serving our citizens as best we can.

And I will work as best I can to reward the trust of ALL Maricopa County residents, including those from all political parties.

I thank you for your support and consideration.


Paul Penzone