Paul Penzone for Sheriff

5133 North Central Ave. #218
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Mailing Address

3370 North Hayden Rd. #123

Box 293
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Facilitate Multi-Agency Collaboration to Make Our County Safer

The Sheriff’s Office must act as an ambassador of multi-jurisdictional cooperation to benefit the entire county. Establish open and objective dialogue with other agencies and organizations to execute effective law enforcement strategies that make neighborhoods safe and lock dangerous criminals away.

Focus on Catching Fugitives

Make catching fugitives a top priority by fully staffing a fugitive apprehension unit to combat the increasing rate of fugitives right here at home. Prioritizing the apprehension of those who have been accused or convicted of crimes not only removes this element from our neighborhoods but it sends a message to criminals that we will find them and force them to answer to the judicial system.

Enforce Laws Against Animal Abuse

Take crimes against animals seriously to not only protect animals but to protect families. Statistics show that those who abuse and neglect animals are more likely to commit violent crimes against people.

Follow-Through on Reports and Warrants

Allowing 400 reports of sexual abuse against women and children to go uninvestigated is absolutely inexcusable. Criminal reports must be investigated to protect residents and take real criminals off the streets. Also inexcusable is allowing nearly 40,000 felony warrants to go un-served. This negligence is allowing criminals to walk free. It is the job of the Sheriff’s Office to make sure felony warrants are served to keep our county safe.

Be Fiscally Responsible and Get the Most out of Every Tax Dollar

Streamline internal processes and focus resources directly in neighborhoods on preventing crime and catching violent criminals. Financial mismanagement has taken deputies off the street and reduced the department’s ability to follow through on investigations and serving warrants. We must focus resources on making Maricopa County safer.

Keep Our Children Safe

Catch online predators, break up child pornography rings and lock up pedophiles. Make the protection of our children a primary focus of the Sheriff’s Department and work closely with Child Protective Services and other child advocacy groups to identify and serve the needs of our children.

Manage the Jails and Protect Taxpayers

Eliminate unnecessary and inhumane practices that pose a health risk to employees and a financial liability risk to taxpayers. Zero tolerance for any abuse, neglect or mistreatment of inmates. Be fiscally responsible and keep the cost per inmate as low as possible to reduce the burden to the taxpayers.

Crack Down on Illegal Immigration

Fight illegal immigration by going after the source to stop drug importation, human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Work collaboratively with local, state and federal agencies to take on and dismantle the mid to high level drug and human trafficking organizations. Create a special unit within the Sheriff’s Department to work with small and large businesses to educate, enforce employment laws and promote cooperation to reduce the demand for illegal immigration.

Fight Crime by Partnering with the Community

Reach out to neighborhoods to build relationships that foster trust between residents and deputies to help prevent crime and catch criminals. Law enforcement officers should be role models in the community and treat every law-abiding citizen with respect. Playing an active role in neighborhood development and community programs will connect residents and law enforcement and make Maricopa County safer.